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Metal Casting

Mold Making Heats Up

Break free from the constraints of traditional metal casting by incorporating Streamline’s FROG3D® within your production processes. FROG3D® CNC metal casting technology provides the means for the rapid, automated, fabrication of molds, flasks, patterns, and cores used in sand casting and numerous investment casting processes. By eliminating tedious manual mold production, FROG3D® allows for increased productivity and expanded fabrication capability, at the same time that it improves the quality and consistency of molds and mold components.


• Use 3D scanning to reverse engineer a pattern or core for any part
• Tap the power of 3D CNC milling to quickly fabricate mold components to exacting standards
• Produce pattern sand cores for the lost foam casting technique in one simple step
• Digitally adjust patterns and cores as circumstances require with our user-friendly 3D software

The Tools to Forge Ahead

FROG3D® brings the full power of its integrated 3D CNC system to the unique challenges associated with metal casting. With high resolution 3D scanners, industry leading 3D CNC routers, unsurpassed CNC hot wire cutters, and sophisticated 3D modeling software, FROG3D® gives you the tools to excel at automated mold making. As a cohesive system, FROG3D® takes you seamlessly from design to production, providing the full range of mold making functionality, from the rapid prototyping of cast parts, to the exact replication of molds, patterns and cores, and beyond.

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