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Insulation Made Easy

From the insulation boards and SIP’s of construction insulation, to the blanket and pipe insulation of the mining industry, to the insulation panels for acoustical engineering, to the custom insulation needs of wellheads, vessels, tanks, and pipes in the oil and gas industry, Streamline’s FROG3D® is the automated fabrication solution that you need. Its sophisticated 3D CNC technology provides the means to produce both complex, custom insulation products and high volume insulating shapes, using a single, integrated equipment system.

Quit Blowing Hot Air

Compatible with a broad range of insulation types, FROG3D® eliminates the guesswork of manual fabrication processes. Its 3D scanners allow for onsite scanning in order to reverse engineer the complex geography of specific parts for a perfect insulation cover. 3D CNC routers and hot wire cutters allow for the automated production of insulation products following exact specifications. 3D modeling software makes alternations and modifications of insulation designs quick and easy. As a cohesive system, FROG3D® ensures an exact insulation fit every time, maximizing production efficiency and product efficacy in the same process.

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