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Simplify fabrication processes for a host of applications into a single equipment solution with FROG3D®. Engineered to handle the high-volume, high-quality fabrication needs of the oil and gas industry, Streamline’s FROG3D® system provides automated, CNC production of composite, concrete, and metal molds, complex 3D insulation for pipes, wellheads, vessels, and tanks, and a host of reverse engineering and rapid prototyping needs, all within a single, integrated package. Eliminate costly and time-consuming manual processes and do away with redundant machinery in one easy step.

Take Control of the Field

Whether you need to quickly reverse engineer a hard to source part, produce a flawless mold for casting, or turn out a piece of pipe insulation that is all contours and corners, FROG3D® makes it possible. Through the integration of 3D scanners, 3D CNC routers, CNC hot wire cutters, and 3D modeling software into a powerful, user-friendly, automated fabrication solution, FROG3D® increases productivity and expands in-house capabilities at the same time. Designed to work onsite and in the shop, FROG3D® is quickly becoming a necessity for businesses looking to maximize their output. With FROG3D®, you control the field.

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