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FROGCoat™ is a full line of polyurea coatings used to maximize the durability, quality and finish of CNC machined products.

FROGCoat™ coatings provide a durable finish for products that face environmental pressures or exacting finishing requirements. Particularly geared towards mold making applications, FROGCoat™ Coatings let you create intricate, durable molds that produce consistently crisp and beautiful end products. FROGCoat™ Coatings are the start to a perfect finish.

Key Features


  • Specialized coatings for specialized applications - FROGCoat™ Coatings give you proven coating products for your industrial mold making applications. There’s no sorting through hundreds of irrelevant products or working with coatings (or suppliers) not built for your needs. Whether you need spray coatings, in-mold coatings or mold making materials, FROGCoat™ delivers the right coating for your project.
  • One stop shopping - With Streamline, you get all of the equipment and coatings you need to build your competitive advantage, without the runaround that comes with multiple suppliers. Rather than trying to create a piecemeal solution, our equipment and coatings have been designed and tested together, so you get a solution that works – from start to finish.
  • Expertise and experience - FROGCoat™ Coatings are backed by a team with real world expertise and hands-on experience, both with the coatings we offer and with the kinds of projects our clients produce.  We support businesses around the world in these applications, so we understand how our products can work for you.
  • Training and support - We’ve translated our expertise into a support structure that can help you succeed – not just with applying coatings, but with taking your business to new creative levels. Our comprehensive training programs give you the knowledge you need to take projects from concept to completion - and you can rest assured that we’ll be there to help when you need us.


  • FROGCoat™ 100 is a spray coating material designed to form a durable, protective layer for CNC machined products. Recommended for coating projects that will be used indoors or outdoors in moderate environments, FROGCoat™ 100 ensures that your products are protected from impact, moisture and handling damage..
  • FROGCoat™ 110 is a superior spray coating material designed to form an exceptionally durable, protective layer for CNC machined products. It is recommended for coating projects that require maximum protection, including those to be used in harsh outdoor environments. Quick cure times mean FROGCoat™ 110 can easily be textured for projects requiring a customized look
  • FROGCoat™ 150 is a primer used to prepare coated products for further finishing work.

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